5 HMS max. force 14 kN 8/12 HMS max. force 20 kN 8/16 HMS max. force 32 kN
    Possible DMS-Force sensor  
  2 kN Sensor measurement area 0,3-2 kN 10 kN Sensor measurement area 1-10 kN  
  or or or
  5 kN Sensor measurement area 0,5-5 kN 20 kN Sensor* measurement area 2-20 kN 50 kN Sensor measurement area 5-50 kN
  10 kN Sensor* measurement area 1-10 kN    
Centre-offset eccentricity, towards the front of the holding fixture bore in the press ram, dimension E +7 mm +7 mm 0 mm
Lowering of installation heigt, dimension x 58 mm 41 mm 46 mm
Maximum deviation, nominal range in %   2,50 %  
  * Standard sensor    



Standard press with enlarged installation height

Standard press without accessories

Standard press with enlarged throat


Fine adjustment PFE

Precision depth adjustment PTE (adapter)

Centering plate with middle bore

Clamping pin without collar

Clamping pin with collar

Pneumatic stroke counter

Additional pushbutton control for defined triggering (e.g., for sheltered workshops)

Sliding table

Heavy-duty sliding table, mechanical

Heavy-duty sliding table, mechanical with locking bolt

Clamping bracket

Clamping bracket, approx. H 160 x W 130 x H 58mm (only for stands with enlarged overhang)

Clamping bracket, approx. H 160 x W 130 x H 118mm (only for stands with enlarged overhang)